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SinopsisThe purpose of this study is to design a system tracer study using object -oriented design and build a system tracer study online so it can be used by STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto to : ( i ) the interests of performance evaluation of competence , (ii ) the interest of the ongoing evaluation of curriculum , co-curricular and extra-curricular as well as academic development activities both at the high school level and program of study , (iii ) the interests of particular accreditation BAN PT and PDPT . System development model used in this study using Rapid Application Development with consideration of at least time and effort needed professionals thereby reducing operating costs . The stages will include : ( 1 ) Requirement Planning Phase , (2 ) User Description Phase , (3 ) Construction Phase ; ( 4 ) Phase cutover . The results of the design and manufacture of the online tracer system can be concluded that : ( 1 ) The system can be used to manage the results of the tracer study conducted online by either because the data centralized on a server and when needed can be searched easily , (2 ) The system can facilitate alumni to provide information about the concerned alumni to STMIK AMIKOM Purwokerto Navan weeks to further data become extremely valuable data to determine the policy to be taken by the management in order to improve the quality of graduates
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